For Ref. Only see your rule book.

    IMCA Southern Sport Mod.
A. Front Bumper Height 23" Max
B. Roof Height  58" Max
C. Center front spindle to front bumper  40" Max.
D. Hood sealed off from drivers compartment  Hood Sides 5" Max. 
E. Hood Scoop Hood Scoop Allowed
F. Ride Height to bottom of Frame Rails  5"  Max. 
G. Wheel Base 109" Max. to 107" Min.
H. Door Height  31" Min.
I. Center rear axel to front of body  67" Min.
J. Window Opening   16" Max. to 9" Min.
K. Roof Size 53" Max. to 32" Min. Length 53" Max. to 32" Min. width
L. Total Body Length 121" Max. to 98" Min.
M. Center rear axel to rear of body  48" Max. to 31" Min.
N. Quarter Panel Height 36" Max.
O. Rear Bumper Height 26" Max.
P. Interior Slope  Interior Slope 6" Max.
Q. Alum. or Lexan Spoiler  See spoiler page
R. Rear of body deck height  41" Max.
S. Body Width  67" Max. to 55" Min.
T. Rear Panel Rear Panel 9" Optional
U. Outside width of tires 77" Max.

Spoiler Rule: ( Spoiler Width cannot exceed width of Body )